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The gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure that makes patients feel full sooner by placing a durable silicon balloon in the stomach, leading to significant weight loss.

It was developed to “bridge the gap” between pure diet and exercise and Surgery

IntraGastric balloons are of two types –Adjustable intragastric balloon and Non-Adjustable intragastric balloon, the adjustable ones can be kept for a longer duration and have more weight loss than non-adjustable ones.


  • If diet and exercise programs have continually failed but you are unwilling or unable to commit to full bariatric surgery, the intragastric balloon may be a good short-term or “starter” option.
  • While some patients use the balloon to drop their weight for an important one-time event, like a wedding, patients serious about long-term weight loss use it to jump-start a more aggressive diet and exercise program.
  • Either way, most balloons are only safe for up to 6 months or one year, so it should not be considered a permanent fix. Both types of balloons have to be removed after 6 months or one year.
  • Gastric balloon patients are more likely to see health improvements than people of similar weight who do not have the procedure.
  • Generally speaking, excess weight loss between 10-20% has been found to reduce the risk of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and other associated cardiovascular diseases.