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Mini Gastric Bypass


This is a form of intestinal bypass which has recently gained popularity in India .In this surgery a small stomach tube is made out of existing stomach and the small intestine is attached to it thereby creating a food bypass.

How is it performed?
This is performed Laparoscopically under General anesthesia. The patient has 3-5 small 1-2cm incisions on abdomen. Laparoscopic surgery also known as key hole surgery has an advantage of less pain, better cosmesis, early recovery & discharge.

Patient needs to do some preliminary investigations followed by a liquid diet regime for 3 days to 7 days. Hospitalization is for 3-5 days & patient can resume work within 10-15 days.

Results –
Diabetes treatment -The diabetes remission rates have been to the tune of 70-80% that is a diabetic person can be off the anti diabetic medications in 70-80% of the cases.

Weight Loss 80-90% of excess weight loss is expected in a duration of 1-1.5 years i.e ; if a 5 feet person is 100 kg which means his ideal weight is 50 kg and he is 50 kg excess ,80-90% of this excess weight –close to 35-40 kg would be reduced with Laparoscopic gastric bypass.