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Obesity Specialist In Pune


Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that can be a big cause of health problems. Obesity is a medical condition that can cause severe health-related problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases, etc. If the Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 23, it is called overweight and if the BMI is over 27.5, the person is termed as obese. The issue of obesity has grown tremendously in the past few years and many people have lost their lives because of obesity. Treatment of Obesity at the right time is a must for living a healthy and happy life. As a renowned Obesity Clinic In Pune Presize offers the best consultation and treatment for obesity. Transform your health with expert care from Dr. Kedar Patil, leading Obesity Specialist in Pune at Presize Clinic. Say goodbye to excess weight and hello to a healthier you.


Obesity can be caused due to various factors, as the most common issues are intake of poor diet, lack of physical activity, genetics, psychological factors, lack of enough sleep, stress, consuming more calories, medications, and many more things which can cause obesity. If calorie or fat intake is controlled and a proper exercise routine and a proper diet is followed then obesity can be controlled. It is necessary to consult the doctor for the treatment of obesity as they can properly diagnose and suggest an appropriate treatment plan which can help to improve health and lose weight effectively.


Presize clinic is a leading Obesity Clinic In Pune and our consideration for a person’s health is our main priority. We believe it is necessary for all individuals, young and old alike, to take corrective measures in their daily routine that can prevent obesity altogether. The following measures can help a person to prevent obesity:

  1. Healthy Eating –
    This implies knowing which nutritious foods to eat when to eat them and how to eat them. Adopting a healthy diet is the first step towards nourishing the body and eating at hours of hunger prangs without hurrying is the best way to keep your body healthy.

  2. Making physical activity your best friend –
    A sedentary lifestyle is your body’s worst enemy. Walking, cycling, jogging, HIIT, and dancing are a few of the many physical activities that will not only help your body to function well but benefits your skin and improve mood.


Obesity is a major cause of concern in today’s world which if not treated can cause severe health issues like diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, snoring and sleep apnea, PCOD, infertility, cancer and more. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist for obesity-related issues. Obesity can be treated both surgically and non-surgically depending upon one’s body condition. It requires determination, mentally & physically to overcome obesity. As a leading obesity specialist in Pune, Dr. Kedar Patil has successfully assisted numerous patients in shedding excess weight through customized weight loss plans and effective treatment methods

With years of practice and experience, Dr. Kedar Patil exactly knows which type of treatment is required for the person suffering from obesity. World over Obesity treatment is guided by BMI (Body Mass Index) more the BMI, the more severe is the obesity. There are many people who despite trying various remedies fail to achieve the desired results due to a lack of proper guidance.


There are many obesity clinics in Pune but Presize Clinic is one of the few obesity clinics which provide complete support to patients right from the initial visit of the patient till the end of treatment and it’s a personalized treatment. Weight loss is not only achieved through proper guidance but also through effective planning and inspiring people to make small but meaningful changes to their lifestyle like diet, exercise and taking the proper amount of rest. Those with severe Obesity are offered Bariatric Surgery as well.

We at Presize Clinic have a team of Doctors, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Counsellors who help patients at every step of weight loss right from Consultation to Follow up and weight loss maintenance even after treatment is over through our obesity support group initiative ‘Snehabandh ‘in which we take care of patients who are suffering from obesity.

Presize Clinic has a team of experts who monitor the improvement in patients by using new technologies that deliver optimum results for patients.

Personalized care at affordable cost by well-qualified experts is the main treatment motto of Presize Clinic.


Non Surgical Weight Loss Package Supervised by Doctor, Dietician and Exercise Consultant for 1 month5000/-
Consultation for Weight Loss with Body Composition analysis1200/-


A person suffering from obesity should have regular home-cooked food and refrain from eating more than thrice and snacking more than twice a day. They need to restrict calories and intake only those much as per their body requirements .Depending on the severity of their Obesity they may reach out to an obesity specialist.

Yes, obesity can be cured. Depending on the severity of an individual’s case it can either be cured through Non Surgical ways or bariatric surgery.

Presize clinic is the leading medical clinic that offers effective treatment for obesity. Dr Kedar Patil is an Obesity specialist in Pune who is highly skilled in managing persons suffering from obesity.


DNB (Gen. Surg.)
FNB (Minimal Access Surg.)
FBMS (Taiwan)
Fellow G.I. Incosurgery (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)

Specialization :
Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon,
G.I. Oncosurgeon & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon.

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