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Summer is the hottest season among the 3 seasons in India. It begins generally in the middle of March and lasts almost until the end of June. The sun-rays become hotter day by day and we begin to get perspiration, body can go into dehydration if we are not taking enough of fluid.

So, let’s take a look on what kind of foods we can include in our daily routine to combat with sun rays & to stay well hydrated & fit.

The most important type of food is liquids. STAY HYDRATED!!

  1. Healthy drinks: Easy way to stay away from soft drinks. Easy to prepare & healthy -:
    • Water: It is most important part of our life. One should drink 2 -2.5 liter/day. Stay away from cold drinks or aerated drinks to keep our self healthy.
    • Best time to drink: Throughout the day
    • Coconut water: It is a good source of potassium, helps in replenishing the losses happens through sweat. 1 glass/day advisable. Diabetic people also can have it.
    • Best time to drink: Morning & afternoon
    • Buttermilk: Healthy drink loaded with prebiotic helps in digestion, a good appetizer, low in calorie, keeps you hydrated. One can have 1-2 glasses per day which keeps you energized throughout the day.
    • Best time to drink : Afternoon & night
    • Lemon mint sharbat: Vitamin C rich drink keeps you cool in hot climate. Easy to prepare & gives you taste. Helps in digestion. Mint is excellent cooling spice.
    • Best time to drink: Afternoon instead of tea
    • Panha: Raw mango juice – Easily available. It has many health benefits. Good to ease the heat of summer. Easy to make, best for children. Prevents Heat strokes.
    • Best time to drink: Afternoon instead of tea
    • Kokam Sarbat: Scientifically named as Garcinia Indica adds flavor. It is a very good antacid. A relishing drink. It is also known as ‘cool king’ of Indian fruits. Improves appetite. It is used to treat heat rash.
    • Best time to drink: Afternoon instead of tea

    (NOTE: For those who have diabetes, prepare the drinks without sugar, honey & jaggery.)

    1. Chase the Summer with cooling fruits-:
    • Melons-:
    1. Watermelon: High in water content (90%). Keeps you well hydrated, refreshed in summer. Protects the skin against the sun damage. Rich in iron, potassium, beta carotene.
    2. Muskmelon: It is rich in Vitamin A,C, zinc & potassium. Improves immunity, Sweet & musky hence the name.
    • Mango: King of fruits rich vitamin A, C, minerals like potassium , phosphorus. It contains ample amount of iron & selenium. Beats the heat.
    • Oranges: Rich in vitamin C, K, thiamin, folate. Provides you natural U.V protection. It is a good anti oxidant. It helps to replenish potassium loss through perspiration & thus release muscle cramps. Tangy fruit
    • Pineapple: Cooling & soothing properties. Used to reduce excessive gastric acids. Excellent source of vitamin C, A, B1, manganese. Improves circulation & reduces cramping.

    (NOTE: Have fruits before or after the meals with a gap of 2 hours before 6 pm.)

    1. Other foods
    • Cucumber: cucumbers are made up of mostly (95 percent) water, which means eating them on a hot summer day can help you stay hydrated with low calorie. Packed with vitamin K, B, copper, potassium, vitamin C, and manganese.
    • Onions: Onions have amazing cooling properties. Having lots of onions can provide you protection against sunstroke. Applying onion paste on the feet counteracts the effect of heat stroke. Keeping onion in the pocket helps in preventing the heat stroke.
    • Preferably have it with the meals
    1. Spice bucket for summer:
    • Elaychi: Aids as excellent digester, great addition to a summer morning tea.
    • Funnel seeds: Highly cooling for hot summers. Reduces acid reflux. Munch it after lunch & dinner
    • Coriander: One of the most cooling spices. Add it in your dishes.
    • Cumin seeds: Cooling for body, aids in detoxification. Use it in your food preparation.
    • Saffron: Cooling effect. Serves as a refreshing twist on your summer tea.

    NOTE: For any specific disorder please concern the dietician.    


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