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WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY Weight Loss Surgery provides a surgical answer to morbidly obese persons so as to assist them slim down. Weight Loss Surgery, conjointly referred to as Bariatric Surgery are often classified into many alternative procedures, every with their own pro’s and con’s and levels of quality. Essentially, all of them plan to prohibit […]

WHAT IS BARIATRIC SURGERY ? Exercise and diet alone usually fail to effectively treat folks with patients above 32.5 BMI. Principles of bariatric surgery The basic principle of bariatric surgery is to limit food intake and reduce the absorption of food within the abdomen and intestines. The digestion method begins within the mouth wherever food […]

HOW INTRAGASTRIC BALLOON WORKS ? The intragastric balloon takes up area at intervals the abdomen, limiting the number of food a patient will consume at any given meal. to position the balloon, a specially-trained medico uses an associate medical instrument to advance the uninflated balloon through the mouth and down the oesophagus. when the balloon […]

A Healthy Weight Loss Challenge ! Rakesh Gandhi (name changed) 38 years IT professional with a height 170 cm, weight 110 kg, BMI 38.1 kg/m2, an obese person came to my clinic for natural weight loss in October 2015.His detail history was taken with investigations. He was hypertensive with high thyroid levels and complained of […]


DNB (Gen. Surg.)
FNB (Minimal Access Surg.)
FBMS (Taiwan)
Fellow G.I. Incosurgery (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)

Specialization :
Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon,
G.I. Oncosurgeon & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon.

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