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Mr. Desai always had an issue of being discriminated due to his obesity. In Social programmes he was always the reference point for weight gain or loss and mostly ended up with the same type of chat with relatives or friends.

He had difficulty fitting into a chair at movie theater or cleaning up private parts and faced with day to day difficulties like tying his shoe lace or bending over to pick something from the floor. Sex was too difficult to be performed regularly.

Somewhere he did read about Weight loss surgery, but then the fear of Surgery kept him away as he heard this surgery was’ risky’, ‘costly,’not effective’ ,’ not long lasting’ as so on.

He had the other options of lesser invasive and non surgical methods, so he began the journey of various therapies like Ayurvedic, homeopathic, special diets, acupuncture, intensive workout therapy and a Comprehensive all in one therapy. Each therapy lasted for 15 days to 3 months drilling small holes into pocket every time. He use to loose about 4-7 kgs and within 2-3 months he regained whatever was lost.

Why did it happen? This therapy worked wonders for others as the ads had suggested, but why not him? He suspected there was a conspiracy by the body working to keep him fat. Eventually having tried it all …he thought of Surgical consultation

He was rather shocked to learn that he was never a candidate for all the therapies he underwent. Why was that so?

Well, his BMI.e; Body mass index was 48 and its well proven that people with high BMI can never loose weight to a normal BMI of  upto 23. This is due to a natural body tries to regulate due to hormonal changes. As you are on diet and exercise the appetite increases due to hormone known as ghrelin so there you re back with the same weight after you stop the treatment.

Dr. Kedar Patil a well known Bariatric(Weight loss) and Metabolic (Diabetes )Surgeon from Pune offered him laparoscopic Weight loss surgery and the rest they say is history….Mr. Desai has lost his weight by 40 kgs and his BMI is 26. He is more mobile and active and finally has  weight off  his mind

Welcome to the world of weight loss surgery where a team of Experts including a dietician, physiotherapist, Physician and a team of Surgeons consult a patient and after understanding the reasons and biology of obesity they offer the patient the right kind of Surgery.

The patient may loose weight ranging from 30-70 kgs depending on preoperative weight. In addition, the extra advantage is in a good number of patients 70-80% of the obesity associated diseases example Hypertension, Diabetes , Joint pain, Hyperlipidemia, Sleep apne is totally cleared.

Mr. Desai is happy that finally, he did find a way out!


DNB (Gen. Surg.)
FNB (Minimal Access Surg.)
FBMS (Taiwan)
Fellow G.I. Incosurgery (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)

Specialization :
Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon,
G.I. Oncosurgeon & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon.

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