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weight loss clinic in pune


Safety is of utmost importance in the medical field and ‘do no harm’ is the dictum followed by Mediocs all over the World.

Weight gain and weight loss are most often discussed topics in social gatherings and everyone has a fair idea of what is right and wrong, but surprisingly some people swear by some fixed ideas and techniques of weight loss which may be suitable to the rest.

What are the key requirements of a Safe and Natural Weight loss?

Diet, exercise, lifestyle modifications are integral and essential aspects of any Weight loss and maintenance plan. Guidance by expert and qualified team helps.

Diet – Reducing caloric intake is one of the important aspects of a weight loss plan apart from utilizing the calories efficiently. A balanced diet that has a mix of carbohydrates, fat and protein which has 30-40 grams of fibre, adequate water (8-10 glasses ), pre and probiotics, macro and micronutrients, antioxidants and vitamins is essential to have a healthy weight loss.

Crash dieting, FAD Diets, Internet based plans should be avoided –Personalized diet plan is the key to success.

Getting a customized diet plan as per the persons eating habits, resources available, cost considerations, by a Qualified dietician at Presize weight loss centre in Pune is helpful on this aspect of weight loss.

The Diet options are aplenty –Vegan, Ketogenic, Low carb, High Protein, etc –identifying the right diet plan for the right person can be done with Gene-based diet plans.

Exercise – Exercise is a key ingredient for weight loss and its maintainence. People with joint or back pain due to Obesity cannot do much exercise.

Exercise training by a qualified Physiotherapist taking into consideration a range of movement, activity level, past history of exercise/injuries and personal interests can help on this aspect of weight loss.

Presize Clinic has a Weight loss Programme in Pune, that incorporates 4 weeks of personalized exercise regime, can improve on the activity level and stimulate metabolism.

Lifestyle Modification – One needs to take small steps at a time to lose weight, continuing with the same kind of lifestyle can make a person prone to weight regain.

Taking adequate rest and sleep is essential for weight loss, so is curbing on addictions. Yoga, meditation can also help in reducing stress. A Psychologist can help one deal with life issues –present and past.

Weight Loss Surgery is sometimes advised to persons who have done all these three essential modifications and yet have failed.

Weight loss requires a team approach. One treatment may not fit or suit all. Unfortunately, the market and internet are stuffed with magic pills, powders to appliances that claim to give the magical weight loss easily. Hope the above information on how to lose weight naturally helps in achieving weight loss.

Weight Loss Doctor in Pune –Dr. Kedar Patil of Presize Clinic concludes –A qualified and trained Doctor and his team can direct a person for Weight loss in a better way.

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