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What if Gallstones are not treated? Is the question most often asked by persons suffering from it? The answer is simple -The risk of leaving stones untreated is much more than getting it treated. Let us see in two possible scenarios-


If the stones migrate out of the gall bladder, they may obstruct the common bile duct which may produce Pancreatitis which has an unpredictable outcome or it may produce jaundice. In this case a procedure called ERCP needs to be performed to remove them and clear the opening of the common bile duct, following which Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (surgery for gallstones ) to remove the source ,so in all two procedures required instead of one simple surgery, that too in emergency setting with the added risk of Pancreatitis.

Large stones can compress the CBD or can drill into the duodenum in time. Hence it is advisable to get treatment for gallstones before complications develop.

Unfortunately, patients fall prey to ads clamming cure for Gallstones with medicines or some powders, only to land up with complications requiring emergency surgery and regretting their decision of avoiding timey surgery.


If gallstones are producing acute pain in the right side of the upper abdomen just below the rib cage or chronic problems like bloating or indigestion, the person visits a Laparoscopic Surgeon. Few blood investigations like Liver function test to rule out subclinical jaundice and other blood tests for fitness evaluation for general anesthesia purpose are done. The patient gets admitted on the day of surgery, which is a short and quick procedure –if uncomplicated usually lasting 45 minutes under General anesthesia. The person starts taking liquids after 6 hours and the next day is discharged with minimal pain and good cosmesis. Can resume back work on day 7 and the problem of gallstones is solved forever.

Patients with Diabetes or multiple small stones are advised surgery even if they do not have any symptoms as complications can be devastating in such patients. No medications can dissolve gallstones

According to Dr. Kedar Patil, the only Qualified Laparoscopic Surgeon and an expert in Gallstone treatment in Pune, almost every Gall Bladder Removal Surgery can be performed by Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy procedure, unless there is some substantial contraindication.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is a minimally invasive technique that has practically made open surgery extinct. It avoids the major cuts, discomfort, long recovery period and scars of open cholecystectomy.

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