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Obesity support group


Ever thought that a tempting looking paani puri or 2 gulab jamuns can add 100 calories to your intake. Jogging for half an hour only burns 300kcal –phew! Better avoid it is the thought that would occur to most not accustomed to exercise. Dr. Google and some quick-fix remedies and experimentation on weight loss are what most do. The result is often expected –a weight loss of 4-5 kgs in short span of time soon to realize that one has regained the same over 2-3 months, the experimentation continues.

Sounds like the similar experience? Well, the story is more or less the same in people who are looking for quick fixes to weight loss. Weight loss needs to be a holistic way –Diet, exercise, Lifestyle changes and some cases right treatment under medical supervision is the way out.

Dr. Kedar Patil of Presize Weight loss clinic in Pune considered to one of the best Obesity doctors in Pune explains about the holistic weight loss offered at his centre having a team of well-qualified experts  –

Diet – Reducing caloric intake is one of the important strategies of a weight loss plan, not the only one. A balanced diet which has a mix of carbohydrates, fat, and Protein, which has 30-40 grams of fiber, adequate water (8-10 glasses ), pre and probiotics, macro and micronutrients, antioxidants and vitamins is essential to have a healthy weight loss. Crash dieting is a total no-no for weight loss.

Getting a customized diet plan as per the persons eating habits, resources available, cost considerations,  by a qualified dietician at Presize weight loss clinic in Pune is helpful in this aspect of weight loss.

Exercise – One imagines to be jogging or running as the only ways of exercise. Persons with joint pains or back pain due to Obesity cannot do these kinds of exercises. Exercise training by a qualified Physiotherapist taking into consideration a range of movement, activity level, past history of exercise/injuries and personal interests can help on this aspect of weight loss

Lifestyle Modification – One needs to take small steps at a time to lose weight and maintain it. Taking adequate rest and sleep is essential for weight loss, so is curbing on addictions. Yoga, meditation can also help in reducing stress. A Psychologist can help one deal with life issues –present and past.

Role Of Support Group – When one is faced with issues one cannot overcome –support from peers can help. At Support group meetings organized by Presize weight loss Clinic, Pune those seeking weight loss are taught by a Qualified team of Dieticians, Physiotherapists and Doctors about Dos and Donts for weight loss. Persons who have lost weight share their experiences which encourage others. Dr. Kedar Patil has a support group for his patients suffering from Obesity by the name of ‘Snehabandh’ and

conducts regular meetings for the group which is free for all.

Role of a Doctor in weight loss-Most patients with Obesity is managed with diet, exercise and lifestyle management. Morbidly Obese persons (BMI >32.5 ) require some medical intervention –Surgical or nonsurgical. Which therapy to choose when is the key aspect of weight loss management and can be done by an expert Doctor.

So if you are thinking of weight loss –seek an expert at the right place!



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